Suicide Prevention - Lions Club members can help prevent suicide

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Mr John Meehan, head of National Office of Suicide Prevention ( speaking recently in Galway, at the local launch of 'Connecting for Life' Irelands National Strategy to Reduce Suicide

2015-2020 said:
'The evidence shows that with the right help, support or intervention at many different stages, SUICIDE is PREVENTABLE'

Suggested action.
Select a member of your lions club to deal with this issue.
Please have this member contact me. Together we can organise.

-ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) it is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first-aid. ... ASIST trains participants to reduce the immediate risk of suicide and increase the support for a person at risk.
See video on ASIST.

-SAFE TALK comprises a three hour presentation and will be provided by the HSE Suicide Prevention Resource Service.
Southern clubs contact   Northern clubs contact local NHS office.

-Distribute Lions Clubs small cards, with help line contact details

Pat Connolly,                                                    January 2018
Lions Clubs Project (chairman)  Suicide Prevention/Anti Bullying