Refugee Crisis

One of the greatest problems facing mankind in the 21st century is the human wave of refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants fleeing natural disaster, war, poverty and terror in so many countries. Current numbers are estimated at over 60 million people on the move, primarily from the third world, endeavouring to find a better life in the first world.Women and children comprise an inordinate portion, particularly fleeing from war zones.

One of the greatest areas of conflict is in the Middle East, especially Syria. Half the population of that country are homeless or exiled following over 6 years of civil war – many have fled to the neighbouring countries of Jordan, the Lebanon and Turkey.The Lebanon is a tiny country, overrun by refugees for decades and is ill prepared for the invasion that has now occurred.

Lions from Scandanavia, in particular Norway are building basic safe centres for children in the Lebanon providing a minimum education with the addition of play and stimulation areas, and health and nutrition facilities.Working with the UN, the Lebanese Government, Lebanese Lions and the NGO, Beyond, Safe Centers are being built at a cost of approx $100,000 each and operated by Beyond on a double shift basis.Lions in District 133 Ireland are committed to fundraising for one center.