Charitable Status

District 133 Charitable Trust Fund.

Charity No. : CHY 15707, Registered Charity Number No. 20054854

The Trust comprises the Clubs, chartered in the Republic of Ireland, of Lions District 133 under the numbers above, but is a separate legal entity to these Lions International District 133 Clubs. In keeping with Lions Clubs since their foundation, all the operations of the Trust are voluntary and all expenses are met from members annual dues so that every charitable amount raised is expended for a charitable activity only.

An individual Lions Club does not have charitable status and only the Trust Bank Accounts are exempt from Deposit Interest Taxes. In the interests of openness and transparency, applications for individual Lions Clubs to be registered in their own right as a charity have been submitted to the Charity Regulatory Authority in the Republic of Ireland and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and are the subject of ongoing discussions with the Regulators.

The Trust is a body recognised by the Revenue Commissioners as eligible to receive donations free of tax under Section 848A of the Income Tax Act 1997 and has a current tax clearance certificate.

The Trust, on behalf of Clubs in good standing whose audited/certified accounts for the previous year are with the District Treasurer, (Qualifying Clubs) can apply for refund of tax on a donation from a Pay As You Earn or Self Employed tax payer who has donated over €250 to the Charity as a tax free donation for the benefit of the Lions District or Lions Club. The Taxpayer must complete a Form  CHY4 Certificate or CHY 3 Enduring Certificate for donations made after 1st January 2013. The signed form must be forwarded to the District Charity Trust Officer to reclaim the tax, which will be sent to the Club when received from Revenue.
The Trust is also a qualified approved charity to receive donations from Benevity Causes, an American Charity Foundation which channels donations made by employees of multinational companies under their corporate social responsibility commitments in compliance with United States Charity legislation.

 The 105-I Charitable Trust Fund

Rep of Ireland Charity Approval Number CHY 15707. Tax Ref. No. 9623977E

Charity Regulatory Authority Registered Charity Number 20054854